I’m branded a ‘demon’ & trolled online after spending £34k on fangs & body mods – but I make thousands on OnlyFans

I’m branded a ‘demon’ & trolled online after spending £34k on fangs & body mods – but I make thousands on OnlyFans


A WOMAN branded a “demon” and trolled online after spending £35k on fangs and body modifications says she makes thousands on OnlyFans.

Kierstyn Milligan says she rakes in £11k a month on OnlyFans with her unusual look.

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Kierstyn Milligan has spent £34k on body modifications[/caption]

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Kierstyn claims she rakes in £11k a month on OnlyFans[/caption]

US-based model – dubbed a “demon” by online trolls – says subscribers like her many tattoos, including her jet-black eye ink, and recently got herself a pair of £2,200 fangs – but still gets called “evil” online.

But Kierstyn is getting her own back, having now revealed that she’s making a fortune on OnlyFans from her appearances.

The unusual-looking Texan first started using the platform in July 2020 and now has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram.

The 22-year-old said: “Some people assume I’m evil or demonic because of the modifications I’ve done but it’s not true at all.

“I believe in God, in this life I judge no one, and no one should judge me.

“Get to know me first I’d say, I did this to myself out of self love and because it makes me happy – not to look like a demon.”

She revealed that in the last two years she’s made between £7,500 and £11,000 per month.

“I believe people enjoy my content because I produce good quality and a great variety of content for 10$ (£7.45) a month and I think it’s the different look people are attracted by.

“It’s not my forever though, so I plan to invest my money in business.”

Kierstyn started inking herself when she was 15 and has since got herself a complete arm sleeve consisting of various tributes to her loved ones.

She also has a dream catcher, a geisha girl, scorpion and a complete arm sleeve in black, which she says helped her through periods of suffering body dysmorphia.

In addition to tattoos, she has also spent around $15,000 (£11,300) on fang and breast implants, as well as piercings in her nipple, tongue, both nostrils and bridge of her nose.

“I always knew I wanted to look like this, I have had this vision in my head since I was young and have finally fulfilled it,” Kiersyn, who has over 690,000 followers on TikTok, said.

And the model doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

She said: “I never looked at prices it was always one of those things where money is no issue when it comes to tattoos.

“I’d rather spend a pretty penny to be fully covered in tattoos.

“My latest ink is my roses on my face and the butterflies on my chest, my new favourites.

“I plan to get a portrait leg sleeve of my favourite TV show American Horror Story.

“I’ve loved it since it came out when I was around 12 years old so I want to commemorate it by dedicating my leg to the characters.”

The OnlyFans star wants to get her entire body covered in tattoos by the end of 2022.

She said: “Hopefully I’ll achieve that before the year is over.

“I am done tattooing my face though. I think the ones I have now are enough and frame my face very beautifully.

“As far as every part of my body I would say so but I’ll still have my skin showing some so I’d say I’ll stay around the 90% part of it.”

However, her heavily-tattooed look does impact on her finding “real friends”.

But she’s not too bothered, and would rather spend time with the people who really love her, including her family, existing friends and her two eight-month-old kittens, Gremlin and Morty.

She said: “It is not hard to make friends for me, but I would say it’s hard to find real friends.

“My two sphynx cats are my best friends.

“People can let you know their opinions but cats can’t.

“We all have our standards of beauty and this just happens to be mine.”

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Kierstyn before her body transformation[/caption]

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The OnlyFans model says she has plans to get more body modifications[/caption]