Chilling expansion of Mariupol’s ‘mass graves’ marked only by numbers as thousands killed in Putin’s bloody siege

Chilling expansion of Mariupol’s ‘mass graves’ marked only by numbers as thousands killed in Putin’s bloody siege

A CHILLING expansion of a graveyard in the battered city of Mariupol has been laid bare in new harrowing satellite images.

Haunting pictures from inside the burial site meanwhile show how many graves are tragicallly marked only by numbers after thousands were killed in Putin‘s bloody siege.


Satellite pictues from March 29 (top) and November 30 (bottom) appear to show the main graveyard in Mariupol has expanded[/caption]


Chilling pictures shows numbered graves at the cemetery[/caption]

The port city in Ukraine was constantly bombarded in the early days of the tyrant’s invasion and has been fully under Russia‘s control since May.

Mariupol repeatedly suffered enemy shellings and at least 90 per cent of buildings were destroyed or damaged.

With the city reduced to a wasteland, Ukraine estimates around 25,000 civilians were killed – but the true number remains unclear.

Fresh aerial images from Maxar suggest a “significant expansion of the number of graves” at the main cemetery, Staryi Krym, compared to pictures from the same location from March 29.

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The new satellite pictures, taken on November 30, also appear to show a protective screen around the blitzed Mariupol theatre.

Hundreds of people died after the site where woman and kids were sheltereing for safety was bombed by Russian troops in March.

Meanwhile, more aerial pics reveal that dozens of high-rise apartment blocks destroyed or damaged are being demolished.

They also appear to show a new Russian military compound in the centre-north of the city with the army’s slogan on the roof.

On Telegram, Mariupol City Council wrote: “The Mariupol cemetery in Staryi Krym is getting bigger. E

“ven a new sector of mass graves has already appeared.

“The Russian invaders brought death and destruction to our city.

Mariupol residents still bury their relatives, and thousands of residents still do not know where their relatives and friends are buried.

“Others are missing. This is our common pain.”

Heartbreaking images from the city’s main cemetery show grieving relatives weeping as they visit the graves of loved ones.

Russian troops managed to capture Mariupol of a heroic final fight was stage by brave Ukrainian defenders at the Azovstal steel plant.

Horrifying pictures previously revealed mass graves near Izyum after being killed by Putin’s troops as withdrew in the face of Ukraine’s lightning advance.

Murdered Ukrainians found in one a mass grave had nooses tied around their necks and their fingernails pulled out.

It comes as religious icons appear to have been scratched onto the wall of a torture chamber in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region.

A clip shared by Ukrainian politician Pavlo Sushko also shows a drawing of a flower and debris thought to be left behind by Russian soldiers.


A woman weeps as she visits her granddaughter’s grave at the Staryi Krym burial site[/caption]


Many of the graves are only numbered[/caption]


Aerial pics also show what appears to be a new Russian military compound in Mariupol[/caption]


Pictures of the bombed theatre in the city show a screen has been put around it[/caption]