Terrifying moment man is dragged from his home & carted off to quarantine facility by officials in hazmat suits in China

Terrifying moment man is dragged from his home & carted off to quarantine facility by officials in hazmat suits in China

SHOCKING footage shows the moment hazmat-clad authorities dragged a man out of his home after he refused to go to a quarantine camp.

China’s draconian lockdowns have sparked protests in several cities as thousands hit back at Xi Jinping’s tough zero-Covid policy.

Footage shows the officials in hazmat suits grabbing hold of a man
He can be seen clinging to the sofa as they try to pull him up

A clip shared on social media shows a man crying out as he wrestles with officials who seem to have entered his home in China‘s Zhejiang province.

The two lockdown enforcers – known as “Da Bai” or Big Whites on account of their uniforms – shout “put the mask on”.

They then try to grab hold of him and he tries to cling to a sofa.

He yells: “Are you crazy? Don’t push me.”

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As he continues to tussle with the officials, they then pull him up from the sofa and wrap their arms around him.

A woman filming the unfolding horror can be heard asking the hazmat officials “not to be so violent”.

China’s hazmat suit enforcers have acquired a reputation for the brutal treatment of protesters and even for welding people into their own homes.

The term describes the brigades of police, medical workers and volunteers in white hazmat suits who have become ubiquitous throughout the pandemic.

China’s state media has used the term since the virus emerged in 2020 in Wuhan to soften their image.

But video has shown the faceless Big Whites brutally beating anyone who steps out of line as they enforce the harsh Covid policy.

Footage recently emerged of a daughter screaming for help after her mum allegedly plunged to her death from their 12th-floor flat which was “welded in” during a new Covid lockdown.

It shows the 29-year-old trying to get to her mother’s body after she allegedly took her own life.

Other images show the horrifying moment screaming women are carried off to Covid quarantine camps in China by hazmat wearing officials.

In October shocking footage emerged of machine gun wielding Big Whites herding families at an airport in Yunnan Province.

The southern city of 19 million people will build 246,407 beds, including 132,015 in hospital isolation wards and 114,392 for people, the city’s authorities have said.

China’s leader Xi Jinping has ruthlessly pursued a “zero-Covid” policy which has seen harsh lockdowns imposed when outbreaks emerge.

It comes days after pictures revealed China building massive Covid quarantine camps and hospitals.

Images show a vast facility under construction in the city of Guangzhou, where the authorities are building Covid quarantine accommodation for 250,000.

Footage shows row upon row of white buildings being built in Guangzhou, which has been the hardest hit by the latest spike in cases, leading to violent protests.

But following days of protests, the regime has begun easing restrictions in some areas.

Cities including Shenzhen and Beijing no longer require a negative test to take public transport.

And in districts such as Shanghai and Guangzhou have had lockdowns lifted.

It comes after China was forced to deploy an army of riot cops after fury erupted over the deaths of ten people in a tower block blaze in Urumqi.

Furious residents blamed the deaths on the Covid lockdown as they said they were only allowed to leave home for short periods each day and the timing was strictly controlled by authorities.

A group of Big Whites storming a neigbourhood in Guangzghou
One of the enforcers with a gun at an airport to stop travellers
One of the Covid camps under construction in Guangzhou