Female Russian ‘millionaire’ looking for love pays for huge billboard because she says she can’t use Tinder

Female Russian ‘millionaire’ looking for love pays for huge billboard because she says she can’t use Tinder

A RUSSIAN millionaire on a quest to find love has bought massive billboards to meet her perfect match as she cannot use dating apps.

Mum-of-two Maria Molonova, 26, has decided to rent several advertising billboards in her city Ulan-Ude in a bid to find herself a husband.


The woman decided to advertise her quest for love in a billboard[/caption]


Maria explained she is looking for a husband[/caption]


The mum-of-two says she cannot use dating apps anymore[/caption]

The businesswoman has included a QR code asking would-be suitors to fill in a questionnaire so she can assess them.

Her ad states: “A millionaire is looking for a husband.”

Since Vladimir Putin‘s invasion of Ukraine, it has become difficult for Russians to use all features of dating sites such as Tinder as they are unable to pay by a card or other means.

Maria told Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper: “The dating applications have left Russia, and I have nowhere to meet [a man]. 

“And I really want to get married.”

The mum is quite active on social media with over 22,000 Instagram followers.

Her ad has reportedly attracted huge attention but she has not revealed whether she has found a suitable candidate.

She told Baikal Daily: “Those who read my [Instagram] know that I can do everything in life – except build relationships. 

“It used to be possible to get acquainted on special dating sites, but now they do not work in Russia. 

“And  I have no interest in sitting and just waiting for my man. 

“I’m quite a creative person.”

She said: ”I want to cover the city as much as possible and, if I’m lucky, actually meet a man.”

An earlier attempt to find a husband saw her putting a sign on her car stating: “I want to get married.”


Maria has rented several billboards around her city Ulan-Ude[/caption]


The 26-year-old previously put a sign on her car that read: “I want to get married”[/caption]