I was on US warship buzzed by UFO swarm – they moved in a way no human craft could, says whistleblowing sailor

I was on US warship buzzed by UFO swarm – they moved in a way no human craft could, says whistleblowing sailor

A SAILOR has said mysterious objects that buzzed his US Navy ship behaved in a way that no human controlled craft would.

The whistleblower was on the USS Paul Hamilton when the crew reported there were “multiple” UFOs surrounding the ship as it sailed on the Pacific Ocean.

The USS Paul Hamilton was buzzed by UFOs
Jeremy Corbell is a leading UFO investigator
RoyKabanlit -/Wikimedia

The warship was in the Pacific at the time[/caption]

The incident was one of many describe in a cache of documents accidentally released by the US Navy last year.

More than 60 pages on the encounters were uploaded by the military with the file name “proposed redaction” – suggesting the unaltered documents were not meant for public release.

Now one of the sailors from the Paul Hamilton has broken his silence and talked about what happened to the Weaponized podcast, run by Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp.

The sailor, who they’ve not named, said the swarm “came from the west” and “over the water and away from land”.

But he said what stood out and aroused the crew’s attention was the seemingly random way in which the craft moved away.

“They would depart on different bearings that they came in on. Which was weird,” he said.

The sailor said “if you had pointed drones to go and check something out, they would come back” to where they were sent from.

He added “so that was something significant enough for us to report ‘they these things are going in a different direction that they came from’”.

Corbell said on the podcast the sailor saw the objects “go in another direction” which begs the question “whose were they and where did they come from?”.

In a video clip released by the Pentagon, one of the objects can be seen of the ship as one of the sailors is heard describing what can be seen during the July 2019 incident.

“There are multiple UAS (unmanned aerial systems) in vicinity of Paul Hamilton,” the sailor can be heard saying.

The leaked report says that four UASs were seen with the first spotted at around 2.40am and they were seen for around two hours and twenty minutes.

Some of them we seen flashing the ship with what appeared to be searchlights or cameras and at the time the crew said three of them were quadcopters.

Video of one of them was taken using the ship’s night vision goggles.

In the area was Hong Kong flagged bulk carrier M/V Bass Strait – who the US vessel attempted to contact but received no response.

It is suspected some of the drone incident may have been attempts to spy on US warships, such as one involved in the USS Paul Hamilton.

The documents reveal encounters with unknown drones flying over six warships from March to July 2019.

Mysterious craft are described as at times making “dangerous” approaches to US vessels and coming within just 500ft of them.

Drones appear to circle the vessels often with no communication – and some of them swoop over the ships.

And there is no mention of US warships firing upon the mysterious craft despite their proximity to them.

The documents suggest some of these drones could be spy craft gathering data.

The drones ranged in attitude from 1,400ft to a staggering 21,000ft.

Maps published in the files show the drones circling the warship from around 4am to 6pm.

USS Harpers Ferry – a landing ship – was menaced by eight unknown drones, with three of them swooping over the ship at around 500 feet.

Photos included in the documents show one of the objects in the sky, while a map shows the craft flying over the ship’s path.

And another event, saw six objects flying in a “consistent pattern” in an event that lasted one hour and 25 minutes over the USS Zumwalt – one of the US Navy’s most advanced ships.

Corbell has been behind a string of high profile leaks featuring encounters between UFOs and the US military one which was played at a landmark hearing held by Congress.

The Weaponized podcast has this week also released an image  captured by a US spy plane shows a metallic orb UFO flying over Iraq.

The picture was included in a classified briefing video shown to American government agencies and it’s claimed that it’s the first time a UFO has been filmed in an active conflict zone.

UFOs and UAP have moved from the realm of conspiracy theories to be regarded as a US national security problem.

Pentagon officials took the unprecedented step in 2010 of release a trio of remarkable videos which showed “encounters” with UFOs.

Perhaps the most striking was a video known as the tic tac for the way the small white object resembled the sweet.

One of the objects seen through the Paul Hamilton’s night vision equipment
USS Harpers Ferry spotted drones which made multiple ‘dangerous’ approaches
Lights in the sky seen by USS Zumwalt as it was buzzed by six drones