My mum paid for my boob job so I could make £40,000 a MONTH online after I was forced to live off food banks

My mum paid for my boob job so I could make £40,000 a MONTH online after I was forced to live off food banks

A BROKE model who used to survive off food banks says she now she makes £40,000 a month – after her mum paid for a boob job.

Sofia Sunshine, 32, was so penniless she could not afford to eat when she turned to posing for sexy pics in 2017.

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Sofia Sunshine boosted her career with a boob job paid for by her mum[/caption]

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Her modelling career suffered after she fell ill and her natural D cups shrank to Bs[/caption]

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Now after the op she says ‘I finally feel like myself again’[/caption]

Followers loved her natural 32D boobs, but she fell ill with pancreatitis, lost weight and slimmed down to 32B.

She said her changing body shape ruined her confidence and threatened to scupper her new career on OnlyFans.

Then her mum Samantha stepped in to pay £8,352 for an op to boost her chest to 36E – and now she says: “I finally feel like myself again”.

Sofia said: “I cried tears of joy when I got my implants.

“Simply put, my mum chose to pay for my boob job because she loves me and wanted to see me happy again.

“She supports my industry and is proud of what I do for a living.

“My fans absolutely love how much support I get from my mum and they seem to love the bond between the two of us.”

Sofia, of British Columbia, Canada, decided to hire Samantha as her personal assistant during lockdown in 2020.

Now she says she makes around £40,000 a month from her devoted followers.

Samantha, 63, says she does not mind working with her daughter on her raunchy content, but draws the line at being present during filming.

She said: “I don’t care that she’s a sex worker.

“I love my daughter beyond measure and the only thing I want for her in this world is health and happiness.

“Watching her struggle with confidence and body issues was heartbreaking.

“One day I asked her if there was anything I could do to help with her struggle and she jokingly replied, ‘boobs please’.

“She was born with big boobs anyway, so I’m just fixing this one little thing.

“I’m happy that the breast implants will both give her back her confidence and give her a chance to earn more income.”


Before joining OnlyFans, Sofia was on the breadline and tried various jobs, from waitressing to selling cars, in an effort to make ends meet.

She found her dream job on OnlyFans but her illness and shrinking boobs almost put a stop to it in 2019.

“When I got sick and lost weight, it was like a huge part of my personality went missing,” she added.

“Most guys watch my content because they love my big boobs, so making content without them felt almost embarrassing.

“I ate through most of my savings during this time and I felt depressed, as I didn’t feel like myself without my boobs.”

Now she is able to give back, and regularly donates to the charities she once relied on.

She said: “I’ll buy big boxes at shops that are then given to food banks or donation boxes at the pet store.

“It feels nice to be able to do this for people who are struggling like I did.”

Meanwhile another model said her £100-a-week job at Pizza Hut ruined her social life, so she quit and now makes a fortune on OnlyFans.

And another rakes in £21,000 a month from men who pay to be humiliated over the size of their tackle.

Jam Press/@x.SofiaSunshine

Sofia’s mum Samantha supports her raunchy modelling career[/caption]

Jam Press/@x.SofiaSunshine

She says she makes £40,000 a month posing for sexy pics on OnlyFans[/caption]