French protest fears over King Charles’ state visit as anti-Macron activists target royal trip amid pension fury

French protest fears over King Charles’ state visit as anti-Macron activists target royal trip amid pension fury

PROTEST fears loom over King Charles’ state visit to France after anti-Macron activists threatened to target the royal trip later this month.

It comes as trade unionists and politicians pledged to disrupt the visit in Paris and Bordeaux with strikes and uproar amid tensions surrounding pensions.


King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort, will visit France later this month[/caption]

Protestors and riot police clashed in France as fires burned in cities across the country last week

French President Emmanuel Macron is at the centre of the political tension in France[/caption]

The dissenters are furious the British monarch and Queen Consort will be in the republic during a period of intense social turmoil caused by President Emmanuel Macron.

Last week, the French leader raised the retirement age from 62 to 64 without a parliamentary vote, which sparked outrage across the country.

In response, protesters will reportedly target the banquet at Versailles and also a trip to the South West city of Bordeaux from Sunday to Wednesday.

The planned demos include drivers refusing to drive a tram the royals were set to use.

Olivier Besancenot, a left wing political figure, told local media: “We are going to welcome him [Charles] with a good old general strike.

“We are engaged in a battle, there will be a winner and a loser.”

Charles and Camilla are due to arrive in Bordeaux on Tuesday, where they will take a tram from the regional station.

Pascal Mesgueni, of the French Confederation of Christian Workers union, told Sud Ouest newspaper: “It’s almost certain that the King will not be able to take the tram.

“This is a grassroots request.

“No driver will want to drive it and there will be no supervisors or managers – just protesters on the track.

“The tram will be blocked by vehicles in front and behind, the logistics will be a huge risk.

“And don’t forget the risk of projectiles… it’s going to be way too complicated.”

Macron is a supporter of British Royalty and was praised for his emotional tribute to Queen Elizabeth II after her death.

However, the French leader has recently been described as a “republican monarch” in his own country.

The labelling comes after five nights of rioting since he forced his pension reform through.

His planned state banquet with Charles at the Palace of Versailles has angered the public.

Jerome, a 19-year-old who participated in the current riots, said the president was highly disliked.

He said: “Mr Macron is out of touch with ordinary people and has provoked all this violence.

“His paramilitary police have been told to fight the anger and this is the reason for all the disturbances.”

In the lead up to the pension legislation, numerous politicians were threatened with the “guillotine” if they supported Macron’s government.

Agnes Evren, MP and vice-president of the Republicans party, took to Twitter claiming she received terrifying messages from the public.

She wrote: “I am now receiving death threats.

“These extremist refuse debate – they have no respect for their political adversaries and are openly inspired by the Terror.

“Do not underestimate the danger any longer.

“Every threat of this type will now be the subject of a complaint.”

French authorities are monitoring the situation.

A Buckingham Palace source said there were no immediate plans to cancel any events.

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