Horrifying moment passenger is TASERED and arrested by cops after row over wrong seat erupts on flight

Horrifying moment passenger is TASERED and arrested by cops after row over wrong seat erupts on flight

THIS is the moment a passenger was tasered by cops on a plane after a row erupted over a simple seat switch.

Bolic Bet Malou was on board a Jetstar flight when the nightmare confrontation took place – and he was ultimately arrested.


The Melbourne man was confronted by cops after rowing with cabin crew[/caption]


He was tasered and arrested while on the plane[/caption]


Bolic Bet Malou was also put in a headlock before being dragged off the plane[/caption]

The 30-year-old wanted to sit with his family on the Perth to Melbourne flight on Saturday night but the cabin crew asked him to move.

The airline company claimed that they asked the Melbourne man to move multiple times but he continually refused.

In the shocking footage, a Jetstar employee can be heard rowing with Bolic moments before the exchange spiralled.

She said: “We have reasons not to take you now”.

And Bolic responded: “Call the police, I will go when the police come”.

The cops were then called to the scene, armed with yellow tasers.

“You’ve failed to comply with aircraft instructions. I need you to come with me right now,” an officer said to Bolic.

Remaining in his seat, the man responded: “What have I done wrong?”

“Either you come with us voluntarily or we’re going to grab you,” the officer replied.

The Melbourne dad was then physically confronted by five officers – and four used their tasers on him.

In the horror footage, Bolic can be seen writhing in agony while his wife carrying their one-year-old son can be heard begging the officers to stop.

He was then put in a headlock, handcuffed and arrested.

Speaking on the incident, Bolic said: I felt like an animal, five police four different taser guns at once, its voltage, and on a human that done nothing wrong”.

The passenger who filmed the scuffle said the situation turned “violent” quickly.

“It just escalated so fast,” he told local media.

“It went from like just this argument with staff, to this guy screaming at the top of his lungs being tasered.

“It was very violent and very sudden. Even I was shaking.”

The 30-year-old was carried off the plane by cops after being charged with disorderly behaviour, assaulting and obstructing police.

Australian Federal Police claim Bolic became verbally and physically aggressive and that three officers were left injured as a result.

But the man who filmed the row said there were no signs of physical or verbal abuse from Bolic leading up to the arrest.

“At no stage was he being physically or verbally aggressive, towards anyone,” he said.

“It looks like he had come to an amicable agreement with another passenger and everybody had swapped just fine”.

Jetstar have confirmed that their staff had called the cops for assistance.

They said in a statement: “The safety of our customers and crew is our number one priority and while the vast majority of our customers behave well, we have zero tolerance for those who don’t.

“Our crew called the AFP for assistance when a customer became abusive towards our crew, repeatedly refusing to follow their instructions to move to his assigned seat.

“The AFP removed two customers from the aircraft, and one was later arrested”.

Bolic has pleaded not guilty to the charges but is stuck in Perth under a flying ban until he stands trial in July.

The Sun has contacted the Australian Federal Police for comment.