Horror moment boy, one, is attacked by bloodthirsty monkey gang on Thai island as dad forced to punch snarling beasts

Horror moment boy, one, is attacked by bloodthirsty monkey gang on Thai island as dad forced to punch snarling beasts

THIS is the shocking moment a dad punched a monkey on a beach in Thailand as it lunged at his one-year-old son.

Dramatic footage shows chaotic scenes erupt as a troop of monkeys turned vicious and attacked Riley Whitelum and his son Darwin.

YouTube/ Sailing La Vagabonde

Riley struck one of the monkeys and it lunged at his son[/caption]

YouTube/ Sailing La Vagabonde

The dad tried to protect his youngest son as the monkeys became vicious[/caption]

YouTube/ Sailing La Vagabonde

Riley had to have rabies injections after he was bitten by one of the monkeys[/caption]

Australian influencers Riley, 38, and wife Elayna Carausu are sharing their eight-year trip sailing around the world with their sons Lenny and Darwin with their 1.8 million YouTube subscribers.

Their latest video shows Riley and son Darwin being attacked by a troop of monkeys on the Thai island Ko Phi Phi Don.

One of the monkeys started looking in one of the family bags, so Riley ran towards it to scare it off.

The dad then struck the monkey as it tried to jump at Riley and his son Darwin.

Terrified, Riley then scooped screaming Darwin into his arms and ran as more monkeys came at them.

After making sure Darwin was safe, Riley then attempted to retrieve the bag from the beach, but was confronted by five angry monkeys.

He finally managed to grab the bag, containing the family’s phones and wallets, as he shouted to fend off the monkeys.

Riley was bitten by one, putting him at risk of rabies.

Elayna, 29, was snorkelling in the sea at the time and rushed back to the shore when she heard screaming.

Riley can be heard telling her on the beach: “I punched out two monkeys.

“They tried to attack Darwin. I’m not even joking.”

A friend of the couple on the beach with them added: “It was hectic. It was actually scary, could have scared him [Darwin] for life.”

The family then headed to a medical centre, where a member of staff told them they have one or two people come in a day with monkey bits.

Riley was given a number of injections and was told he’d have to continue having jabs for another 20 days.

He said: “I need to have five or more needles into my wound or around it, then five shots over 20 days, then another shot today.

“So two shots today and five in my finger, and another four shots over the next 20 days.”

It comes after the travel blogging couple were last year blasted online for sharing a clip of a shark feasting just inches away from their young son.

Elayna caused a social media frenzy when she shared a video of Riley feeding a shark as she and little Lenny stood right on the edge of the boat – just inches from the beast.

The tot can be seen stepping back as the shark thrashes about and bumps into the edge of the boat.

YouTube/ Sailing La Vagabonde

The dad tried to retrieve the family’s bag but was surrounded by monkeys[/caption]

YouTube/ Sailing La Vagabonde

Riley and Elayna are travelling the world with their two sons[/caption]