I’m an ultra-fit female bodybuilder – my ripped physique leaves my fans in awe and I have my extreme routine to thank

I’m an ultra-fit female bodybuilder – my ripped physique leaves my fans in awe and I have my extreme routine to thank

AN ultra-fit woman has left fans awe-inspired after she revealed her extreme workout routine.

Amy Giovanna took to social media to share her top bodybuilding tips that ensured her ripped physique.


Amy Giovanna showing of her cut body via Instagram[/caption]


Her extreme routine left most fans inspired[/caption]

Along with her routine, the 29-year-old shared pictures of herself as she prepared for a national contest.

The Australian looked incredibly lean with her back muscles popping like crazy.

With low body fat, her leg muscles were so well defined that her calf muscles looked akin to small cannon balls.

Her Instagram post read: “Those early morning check-ins… waking up at 4.30am to check in and do some cardio before work is not a vibe for me.

“I am not a early bird but as we close in to show we have to make it work.

“I make sure I am in bed at 7pm.

“Sleep is so important to me and depending what time I have to wake up I am ensuring I still have my eight to nine hours every night.

“Definitely starting to wake up hungry as f*** in the morning though, ready to start my day and that means eat.

“Next few weeks will really test me.”

The post has more than 500 love heart reactions, with many fans worshipping her physique.

“Holy f*** is all I can say, you are looking so insane,” an Instagram user said.

“I can’t wait to see show day pictures just to see you hold that medal – keep up the grind and well done so far,” one added.

“Pro level physique right there if you aren’t already, well done and good luck,” a second remarked.

“You are a sculpture, you look amazing… that is work most people will not understand,” a third commented.

“You have the best muscles I’ve ever seen on a woman and most men,” another said.

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The Australian bodybuilder has more than 6000 followers on Instagram[/caption]


Social media users were blown away with Giovanna’s ripped physique[/caption]