I’m still a pumping bodybuilder aged 50 – people can’t believe I still have freakishly bulging biceps when I flex

I’m still a pumping bodybuilder aged 50 – people can’t believe I still have freakishly bulging biceps when I flex

A BODYBUILDER has shared how people are left stunned by his ripped looks at the age of 50 as he is showing off his bulging biceps.

Jose Raymond, also known as the Boston Mass, last competed in the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia competitions in 2018.


Jose Raymond still shows off his biceps at the age of 50[/caption]

Jose shared a throwback picture of him in the Team Universe
Jose Raymond

The bodybuilder was forced to retire due to an injury[/caption]

 He was known in the 212 division after winning at the New York Pro in 2013 and Arnold Classic in 2015.

The bodybuilder who also won first place at the Dominican Republic Pro in 2018 was forced to retire due to a serious injury.

Jose, who is gradually working on improving his physique for a possible comeback, still leaves his fans stunned by his muscular figure.

Sharing a clip of him flexing his muscles on Instagram, he wrote: “For the fools that said my arms had no separation cuz they’re jimmied up!! This was the day before 2018 Olympia!”

And the bodybuilder posted a throwback photo of himself in competition 20 years ago.

He wrote in the caption: “Almost 20 years ago. I’m still here, no more baby face and no more hair but I’m still here!”

Speaking about his early retirement in an interview with Generation Iron, in 2021, the 50-year-old said “nobody wants to retire not on their own terms.”

“So now that I’m feeling better and able to do exercises that I haven’t done in years and my body is responding I feel like I have something left.

“And I just love competing. I’ve always been the guy that competed multiple times a year.

“I enjoyed it so much that there’s nothing different today. I still love the whole preparation for a competition. The whole challenge of making myself freaky.”

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Jose Raymond

Jose said he is considering making a comeback[/caption]

Jose Raymond

He is training to improve his physique[/caption]