Chilling TikTok shows German schoolgirl, 12, laughing with her ‘killer’ before she was lured to woods & stabbed to death

Chilling TikTok shows German schoolgirl, 12, laughing with her ‘killer’ before she was lured to woods & stabbed to death

A CHILLING TikTok shows a 12-year-old schoolgirl laughing with her ‘killer’ before she was lured to her death.

The video shows the murdered girl giggling with her classmate who has been accused of stabbing her to death.


The TikTok showed Luise with one of the girls who has been accused of her death[/caption]


They were seen laughing together while having an iced drink[/caption]


Luise F was stabbed 32 times, allegedly by two classmates[/caption]

Luise F, from Freudenberg, Germany, was knifed 32 times in the brutal attack before her body was left in the woods.

The 12-year-old tragically died from a loss of blood from multiple stab wounds following the incident.

Police carried out interviews with two of Luise’s schoolmates from Esther Bejarano secondary school, who claimed they were her “best friends”.

The two girls, aged 12 and 13, initially denied any involvement in the grisly murder.

But even though they both confessed to the stabbing when Luises’ body was discovered, the motives behind the sickening attack remain a mystery, according to prosecutors.

The 13-year-old girl posted a video to TikTok just hours before the body was found – where Luise was seen laughing with the accused friend.

Both girls were wearing face masks in the video which indicates the video was originally filmed during Covid.

The police have not been able to share much information on the case given the age of the girls involved but it has been reported that Luise was being bullied in school and that she and the two suspects had fallen out over a boy.

The 13-year-old’s dad was also reported to have helped search for missing Luise on March 11.

Due to German laws, the accused girls will not face a criminal trial as the age of criminal responsibility in the country is 14.

This has caused major backlash from other classmates and members of the public and has resulted in the girls being relocated from their family homes.

A civil court could decide that the suspects must pay compensation to Luise’s family if they are found to know that “they were doing something harmful”.

The girls would then be expected to start making repayments as soon as they have jobs.

These repayments could reportedly last as long as 30 years and would be taken straight from their salaries.

But following the news that the suspects will not face criminal trial, German politicians have reassured the public that the heinous crime will not go unpuished.

Germany’s justice minister Marco Buschmann told German media that the suspects should face charges despite their ages.

He said: “Such serious crimes cannot remain without consequences.

“Children are the age of 14 are not prosecuted. However, our legal system already has the means to react to serious acts of violence by children under the age of 14.”

Both families of the accused girls have also been told that their daughters may need brand new identities following the alleged murder.

Luise lived in a two-storey house with her grandparents, parents and two siblings before she was horrifically killed.

Her parents had raised the alarm after she visited a friend and didn’t returned home.

No weapon has been found as of yet, and the victim showed no signs of sexual assault.