Horror moment tourist’s bungee cord SNAPS in midair during stunt sending thrill-seeker plummeting into lake

Horror moment tourist’s bungee cord SNAPS in midair during stunt sending thrill-seeker plummeting into lake

THIS is the shocking moment a tourist’s bungee cord snapped and sent him plummeting into a lake.

The tourist from Hong Kong leapt from a height of ten storeys while travelling in Pattaya, Thailand.

The Hong Kong tourist was bungee jumping in Thailand
His bungee cord snapped after he fell 30 metres
He hit the water and blacked out from the impact

The man, called Mike, was waiting for his turn on the bungee jump after watching his friend make a successful jump.

Staff tied the thick bungee cord to Mike’s feet and he was ushered towards the edge of the crane.

But nothing could have prepared him for what was about to happen next.

Mike flew with his arms outstretched for 30 metres before the rope attached to his ankle snapped – about five metres above the water.

He was then sent shooting down into the lake below him.

Horrified onlookers thought the accident would kill the daredevil but he miraculously survived.

Staff scrambled to drag Mike out of the water after he blacked out from the impact.

Moments later, the man resurfaced and as soon as he gained consciousness he swam himself up to the surface.

Mike told local media that he felt dizzy from the intense pain of the disastrous fall.

Staff pulled him out from the lake and he was rushed to hospital – but Mike didn’t need any surgery despite the pain he was in.

He suffered from severe bruising, swelling around his left eye and even lost an entire layer of skin from his armpit.

Doctors reportedly said he was “fine” and released him from their care with some painkillers.

Mike eventually demanded compensation from the bungee jumping park for his near death experience but was left stunned at their response.

The park only offered the man a refund of £47 for his ticket, and said they would also pay for his immediate medical bill of £190.

He was offended at the offer and declined it, branding it “unfair”.

When he returned to Hong Kong, Mike had developed a lung infection as was revealed by a CT scan, MRI and X-ray.

He believed that he caught this from accidentally swallowing dirty lake water or had acquired it from the concussion.

After being hospitalised for three days in his home town, his medical costs had racked up to a hefty £5230 – but luckily for him, he had taken out travel insurance and wasn’t lumped with the extortionate bill.

Mike said he has tried contacting the bungee jumping company since the accident in February, as well as the Tourism Authority of Thailand, but to no avail.

In an email he wrote: “My friends and I have suffered losses due to the accident, including changes to our travel plans, my injury and my suffering, and the time and income lost from constant check-ups and treatments after returning to Hong Kong.

“I have declined the park’s proposed compensation plan, as it is unfair to me. If the accident had been slightly more severe, I could have lost my life. After the accident, I discovered that a similar accident has been happened in the same park before already.

“I believe the park’s irresponsible attitude towards visitors is unacceptable, safety is the most critical concern of every visitor.”

This comes after one bungee jumper went plummeting 164ft to her death after forgetting she wasn’t attached to the cord.

Another man slammed into the ground and snapped his spine after his bungee rope snapped on an 100m jump.

And one teen escaped serious injury after she plunged into a river in China after her cord snapped during a 130ft bungee jump.

Mike regained consciousness and was able to swim to the surface
The Thaiger

Mike is trying to get compensation after his near-death experience[/caption]