Ukrainian traitor who set up sick torture chambers to murder civilians with Russian troops killed in car bomb blast

Ukrainian traitor who set up sick torture chambers to murder civilians with Russian troops killed in car bomb blast

A UKRAINIAN traitor who set up vile torture chambers with Russian troops to abuse and murder civilians has been killed in a car bombing.

Serhiy Moskalenko, 44, was appointed as chief of the regional pre-trial detention centre during Russia’s occupation of Kherson.


Serhiy Moskalenko, 44, was killed in a car explosion in Kherson[/caption]


He ran a security firm before defecting to the Russians after Putin invaded[/caption]

Before he defected to the Russians after Vladimir Putin invaded, Moskalenko, from the city of Novaya Kakhovka in Kherson Oblast, was head of a security company.

But after taking on a role as the head of a bleak jail in Kherson, he then oversaw the “inhumane torture” of captured Ukrainians.

Ukraine‘s defence ministry has now confirmed Moskalenko was “eliminated” in a car bomb blast on March 17.

The ministry branded Moskalenko a “traitor”, adding: “The GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reminds that every war criminal deserves a fair retribution.

“Glory to Ukraine!”

Moskalenko’s wife and daughter were wounded in the bombing, reports said.

A video showed his burning VAZ-2121 car in the village of Yuvileine following an explosion.

The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case and is hunting the “unidentified person” who planted an explosive device on the car.

A Ukrainian sabotage team operating in the annexed territory is suspected, according to reports.

In November, Putin’s puppet leader was killed in a reported car crash.

Former YouTuber Kirill Stremousov – reviled for a sick stunt swinging a baby round his head – had urged civilians to flee their homes while pumping out twisted pro-regime propaganda.

Stremousov, from Kherson, was appointed as a puppet governor in the region as the tyrant annexed it.

Kherson was seized by Russians last March before being liberated by heroic Ukrainian defenders in November.

After it was recaptured by Ukraine, cops discovered at least seven torture chambers, Ukrinform reports.

Last September, the Kherson Regional Prosecutor’s Office accused Moskalenko of collaboration and the “voluntary occupation of a position in an illegal law enforcement agency established in the temporarily occupied territory”.

He was accused of “setting up a torture chamber” in the detention centre.

A Nova Kakhovka resident held there told Ukrainian investigative journalists: “Those detained there were beaten and tortured with electric shocks.

“And every night, the Russian military and local collaborators took prisoners to the basement, put them facing the wall and shot them with a pistol.

“They tried to shoot over their heads or near their ears.

“They did this to me.

“After these shots, I had a strong tinnitus, I could hardly hear anything.

“They really shot some of the prisoners.

“Sergey Moskalenko was responsible for these tortures.”

Since Russian forces started unleashing hell in Ukraine last February, it is understood a number of torture chambers have been built.

Russian soldiers are alleged to have set up a torture chamber in Bucha just weeks into the invasion.

The bodies of executed Ukrainian civilains were discovered shot in the back of the head execution-style in the basement of a building used by the Russian army.

Meanwhile, Russian torturers were accused of using a homemade electric chair to inflict savage shocks on Ukrainian captives and also castrating their victims.

Chilling images from Izyum emerged showing a chair attached to a piece of wood on the floor using a metal pole to keep it in place, with a hole in the wall next to it with wires showing.

The homemade electric chair was in a room at Izyum police station and it’s claimed the Russians used it to torture Ukrainians.

The image was posted by Taras Berezovets, who serves with the Ivan Bohun brigade of the Ukrainian army’s special forces, and acts as the unit’s spokesman.

Berezovets said the Russians “used electric shocks to torture prisoners of war and civilians”.

He explained that the “chair stands on a wooden platform” so that the torturer carrying out the interrogation “can avoid electric shock”.

“The wires with which the prisoners were interrogated are visible on the left in the wall,” he said.

He also posted footage of another torture chamber where he says Ukrainian prisoners were held four per cell.

His wife and daughter are understood to have been hurt in the blast