I was branded ‘disgusting’ and attacked for wearing swimsuit in front of kids on the beach, says Twitch star TheNicoleT

I was branded ‘disgusting’ and attacked for wearing swimsuit in front of kids on the beach, says Twitch star TheNicoleT

A TWITCH star was branded “disgusting” and allegedly attacked for wearing a swimsuit on the beach in front of children.

Streamer TheNicoleT claims disgruntled beachgoers confronted her while she was soaking up the sunshine because of her teeny bikini.


Nicole was praised for keeping her cool while furious beachgoers berated her[/caption]


She was live-streaming on the quiet beach when two women confronted her[/caption]


The streamer was criticised for wearing a teeny bikini while sunbathing[/caption]

The blonde, from California, US, was filming some content for her “in real life” segment when the drama unfolded.

She was sprawling on a beach towel and live streaming with fans when a group of girls approached to berate her style choice.

It meant the online star incredibly captured the moment her beach day drastically turned sour on camera.

Nicole, 23, can be seen calmly sipping on a can as she fields questions from two angry sunbathers unimpressed by her swimwear.

One can be heard saying: “How old are you? Tell me how the f*** old you are.”

While another chimes in: “It doesn’t matter how old you are, we know what your doing is disgusting.”

Nicole simply looks bemused as she is grilled by the beachgoers, before a male bystander speaks up to defend her.

He exclaimed: “She is sitting on the beach in a swimsuit talking on a phone!”

But the attempt at rationalisation did little to defuse the situation and the women continued their foul-mouthed rant.

They continued: “Shaking her a** and filming it?

Did you not hear what she just said? ‘Making money.’ You know the whole purpose of what she’s doing.

“There are kids here. I’m sure their parents don’t want to watch you – and those people literally left because of you.

“You have no self-morals, you have no self respect, f*** your f***ing video b***h!”

The camera then flips through the sand as one of the women appears to whack it out of the way to disrupt Nicole’s stream.

After delivering a few more vicious insults, the women are then seen walking away from the explosive exchange.

The open-mouthed Twitch streamer then grabs her camera and shows how she was a significant distance from other sun worshippers.

Nicole shared the clip to Twitter, accusing the beachgoers of “punching” her phone into the sand and insisting she wasn’t filming any racy content.

She claimed one of the women was “also wearing a thong bikini”, leaving her even more baffled about why they were annoyed by the size of her swimwear.

Social media users were left stunned by the beach row, with many defending the streamer’s bikini choice.

But Nicole is not the first woman to be questioned about how skimpy her swimwear is while trying to enjoy a day on the sand.

Influencer Annie Knight, 26, claimed a “wrinkly old woman” told her to leave the beach because of her micro-bikini.

And this fitness lover said she was body shamed for showing off her curves in a bikini at the beach.


Nicole said the women ‘punched’ her phone into the sand[/caption]


She was branded ‘disgusting’ during the foul mouthed rant[/caption]